Anna R. Rapa

   living, speaking, and writing for

                                            reconciliation, restoration, and transformation

 Recommended Resources

Marketplace Ministry

Storying - a great way to have conversations about faith and God

Second Story - a fiction book about emotional barriers to faith and spiritual conversations in everyday life

Prayer Worksheet

Common Emotional Barriers

Creating Space for Missional Living

Planning for Spiritual Conversations

Christian Meditations before the Bar Exam


The following stories are narratives taken from the stories of the Bible.  They are designed to be used with groups of people who might not be comfortable in the church but who are interested in discussing spiritual things.  They include the narrative stories, discussion questions, and a page for response time.  In my community, we draw pictures or write things down on the response pages, and then we take some time to pray for each other.

The Great Story of Reconciliation

Encounters with Jesus I - Nicodemus at Night

Encounters with Jesus II - Woman at the Well

Encounters with Jesus III - The Man Born Blind

Encounters with Jesus IV - The Rich Young Ruler

Encounters with Jesus V - Martha

Encounters with Jesus VI - Zacchaeus

Encounters with Jesus VII - Cleopas

On This Rock - Peter & the Early Church I


Christian Community Development Association - a passion for incarnational ministry in cities that is focused on development as well as outreach

Spiritual Formation

Sensible Shoes - A novel by a very dear friend about spiritual formation and transformation within community

A Sacred Sorrow - An experience guide for the forgotten spiritual discipline of lament

the [un]offensive gospel of Jesus - - All about the story of rebellion, rescue, and restoration