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Encounter Jesus

Encounter I - Nicodemas at Night

Encounter II - Woman at the Well

Encounter III - Man Born Blind

Encounter IV - Rich Young Ruler

Encounter V - Martha

Encounter VI - Zacchaeus

Encounter VII - Cleopas

Through these seven stories, you will be invited to imagine what it was like to encounter Jesus while he was here on earth.  Each story is told from the perspective of someone who met Jesus.  Each will tell you, in their own [imagined] words, what their lives were like before Jesus, how they encountered Jesus, and how Jesus changed their lives.

I designed these stories to be read aloud to a group and then discussed in the oral storying tradition.  When I went though them with a test group, we encouraged imaginative listening during the first reading, re-told the story together to get it in our minds, and then jumped into discussion.   At the very end, we considered the application question by writing or drawing the answer and then sharing it with the group.  Our group time usually ended when we prayed for one another.

The stories can also be used by people who follow Jesus to start discussions with other people who are spiritually interested.  They give a great jumping off point for spiritual discussions, and most importantly, they allow Jesus to introduce himself in his own words and actions as they appear in Scripture.

It is my hope and prayer that through these stories, many people will be introduced to Jesus, his claims, and his transformative power.


Encounter Jesus - Blog Posts

In the following blog posts, I reviewed the resources after we used them with our test group


Woman at the Well

Man Born Blind

Rich Young Ruler